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Women Rising Conference



Quietly powerful women reveal how to cultivate courage, calm, compassion and cashflow in times of chaos.

3 Day Online Event ⎟ April 1-3, 2020

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A virtual conference designed to support women survive (and dare I say it, THRIVE) during this virus crisis.

The reality is COVID-19 is disrupting the world. It is dramatically altering how people live, interact and do business. For now, it is changing everything and the situation is evolving literally by the hour as the virus continues to spread. And when the future is completely unpredictable, fear can take hold of even the most resilient of us.

But I’m here to remind you, you are a quietly powerful architect of your own life.

You get to choose your thoughts, you get to decide how to deal with this chaos and the way you show up in the world.  And the things you choose to be and do today will set up your results tomorrow.

That’s why I’ve curated 20+ leading experts to join me for 3 days of heartfelt conversations specifically designed to help you leverage your feminine superpowers and get laser-focused on what you need to manage day by day, step by step as you navigate this crazy time. 

You’ll walk away with some practical steps to balance self care with caring for others whilst learning how to protect your brand and business during these turbulent times.

How This Conference Will Support You


Operating a values-driven business through uncertain times

Content marketing with compassion during a crisis

Maintaining your visibility, even when you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed out

Selling with softness during times of scarcity

Managing your cashflow when times are tough


How a slowdown doesn’t have to be a meltdown (and in fact, can be quite the opposite!)

Building unshakeable confidence, even when you’re on shaky ground

Setting boundaries (when juggling working from home with home life)

Having difficult conversations and learning to say no (to give you what you need)

Self Care

The secrets to managing your sleep through stressful times

Letting nature support you in times of anxiety

How to use gratitude to support your immune system and create joy in your life

Balancing self care with caring for others in times of chaos

Using meditation to calm your nervous system


Leading with love whilst navigating grief and uncertainty

Hosting dynamic virtual events to build your community

Community in crisis: How to serve your people while growing your influence in hard times

Meet Your Mentors


Jennifer Kem

Operating a values-driven business through uncertain times

Tanya Geisler

Building unshakeable confidence when you’re feeling shaky

Jennifer Love

Money strategies to survive (and thrive!) during this time

Jadah Sellner

How to lead with love as we navigate grief and uncertainty

Tara McMullin

Hosting dynamic virtual events to build your community

Susan McVea

How to sell with softness in times of scarcity

Lisa Carpenter

Building emotional resiliency is more critical than ever

Sandra De Freitas

Building and engaging your tribe in turbulent times

Juju Hook

Adopting a happiness practice to cultivate calm and compassion

Jessi Honard

Compassionate content
marketing during a crisis

Tracy Guillet

How to have difficult conversations (to give you what you need)

Birgit Livesey

How to prepare for and find a virtual assistant to support you and your business

Carolyn Handley

How to stress less in these challenging times

Natasha Buttler

Staying relevant to clients’ changing needs

Catherine Blackwood

Letting nature support you in times of anxiety

Francesca Moi

Managing your mindset to survive (and thrive!) in a crisis

Lorna Golombick

How to use gratitude to support your immune system and create joy in your life

Sara Intonato

Using meditation to calm your nervous system

Melanie Moore

Using EFT as a tool to manifest success, even when the world is in turmoil

Katie Hornor

Community in crisis: How to serve your people while growing your influence in hard times

Jo Ebisujima

How to protect your energy balancing home-schooling with working from home

Gaylene Gomez

Protecting your health by prioritizing 4 key pillars

Sarah Waldbuesser

Establishing the legal foundations to protect your business during crisis

Your host, Casey Lightbody

Maintaining your visibility, even when you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed out

Our Speakers Have Been Featured In
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What a previous attendee had to say…

I have just watched the last video of your summit and I just wanted to send you a massive THANK-YOU and CONGRATULATIONS. The women you spoke to were all wonderfully inspirational and shared some amazing wisdom and advice on getting started in business. I can’t tell you how many “Aha” moments and “Lightbulb” inspirations I had from watching the videos and how much they have helped me to start sorting the pieces of the puzzle on my direction. I thought your questions were wonderfully insightful, keeping to the crux of the summit to help quiet women find their voice. I am now looking forward to spending the weekend digesting it all and creating my plans.

Thank-you for putting together and sharing what I am sure was a massive project. I know your generosity in sharing your knowledge and that of your network will inspire many women, and I know personally this has been a pivotal moment in my journey. I look forward to following your journey and successes.

Natasha Buttler

How would you like to harness your feminine superpowers through this mayhem to cultivate courage, calm and cashflow?

 Our hand-selected speakers will teach you effective strategies to:

  • explore your full range of emotions and learn to listen to what you need
  • go within, find quiet, and get clear on what’s most important to you right now
  • release your attachment to what you cannot control and trust that the Universe has your back
  • practically implement self-care strategies to show up as your best self
  • protect the health of your business during this global pandemic
  • step up and be the leader you were born to be

AND to top it off, 

Step into your gentle power with grace and compassion.

Conference Host + Founder of The Quiet Collective

I’m Casey, and I’m a cheerleader, champion, and coach for introverted, sensitive women in business.

After working my way up the corporate ladder in London, I felt my entrepreneurial spirit rise and I launched my first business in 2010.

Since then I’ve become a business and success coach for introverted, sensitive women who offers quietly impactful, customized solutions that align with each client’s unique personalities, goals, and visions. So they come out of hiding and shine on their own terms.

I am the founder, chief collaborator and host of The Quiet Collective — a community built uniquely for introverts by introverts, which inspires and empowers introverted women from around the world to connect with themselves, with each other and with their greater communities to build successful businesses on their terms.

I have also hosted two global online summits that have attracted over 5,000 women worldwide and included world renowned, powerful speakers including Amy Porterfield, Selena Soo, Carrie Green, Adrienne Dorison, Beth Buelow and a host of other phenomenal women.

I’ve also been featured on podcasts including Entrepreneur on Fire and The Introvert Entrepreneur as well as facilitated events on behalf of the Queensland State Government.

And I know a little something about you too.
  • You are a sensitive soul and you’re vacillating between panic and optimism right now.
  • You are quiet but powerful and you are feeling called to step up during this time of crisis to make a difference in your life and the life of others.
  • You are navigating the uncertainty but you’re feeling overwhelmed and looking for better ways to balance self care with caring for others.
  • You are worried about the future of your business and looking for connection and clarity on how to move forward.

And you’re in the perfect place.

At the Women Rising Conference, we’ll give you the tools to show up for yourself with empathy and kindness whilst stepping up and into your gentle power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the conference take place?

The Women Rising Conference is a completely virtual event.  Let’s come together during this time of crisis from the comfort of your home to join us and learn from the speakers. You just need an Internet connection and a notepad and pen to take in everything you’ll learn. It will take place inside a private Facebook group that has been set up exclusively for this conference.  Once you purchase your event ticket, you will be able to access the group and start connecting with other like-minded attendees.

When is the conference?

The conference will be live April 1-3, 2020 (Brisbane, Australia time). You’ll get notified via email when our sessions are going live to stay up to date. 

Is it really US$19?

Yes! it’s just USD$19. I truly believe that this will serve you, however you are struggling right now.  You may be stuck in fear and battling with mindset issues.  You may be stressed out, and not able to sleep or relax.  You may be concerned about your finances right now.  And that’s why I want to make it affordable for everyone. You’ll be able to tune in and listen to all 20+ live sessions or catch the recordings if you can’t make the live sessions. Once the conference is over, you will have a full 30 days to catch any sessions you missed before the Facebook group is archived.  Plus proceeds from the event sales are going to be injected back into the small business economy where it’s needed most.

Ready to rise up and not let this global pandemic get the better of you?

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