The Uprising


An intimate and high-touch mastermind for quiet but visionary entrepreneurs who are ready to throw away the rulebooks, scale their businesses and create a global impact … in their own unique way.

Are you a quiet but rebellious business owner who:

I created The Uprising Mastermind just for you, quiet rebel!

I’ll give your mission and vision their greatest chance of success. That’s my promise to you.

The Uprising Mastermind is an intimate space for impact-driven, intuitive and introverted entrepreneurs who want to run a successful online business without the hustle and ‘one size fits all’ BS.

It’s for the leaders who know they’re destined to do great things, but in their own way.

Together we’ll break down your beautifully bold (and let’s be honest – sometimes overwhelming) vision into bite sized chunks, and create a path for your success. Not just any path though – your perfect path!

The Uprising Mastermind blends world-class, human-centred marketing strategies, with a soulful infusion of alignment and empowerment…

And will guide you from where you are to where you aspire to be – with grace, intention, clarity and a 100% personalised-to-you approach.

Whatever vision is hot on your heart, is welcome inside The Uprising Mastermind.

(Sidenote, lovely human – not quite sure where you want to grow to, but feel a fire burning in your belly? No worries. Together, we will help you find crystal clear clarity).

I'm so incredibly grateful to have found Casey and joined the program! Casey hand-picks amazing women to create a safe space to be ourselves, ask for help, and feel fully supported while growing ourselves and our businesses. Casey listens deeply and reads between the lines to help you see and realize things about yourself you may not have been able to verbalize yourself (or that you were too afraid to admit to even yourself!). This is so helpful to get unstuck and move forwards in the right direction for you. I feel so supported and inspired to be accountable and take action in my business. Casey caters to each woman 1:1, she knows each woman and their business deeply and customizes advice, guidance, and next steps accordingly. This makes me feel seen and confident that I'm building towards something that's right for me. And it's invaluable to be able to get feedback and validation along the way from Casey and the rest of the incredible group of women. Thank you!!
Lizzie Korsgaard
Lizzie Korsgaard Brand Photography

High level of attention and support

The thing I despise about most group journeys?

You can often feel like you’re just another number and that you’re getting lost in the crowd, and you rarely get any 1:1 support (which makes applying the learnings to your business so much harder!)

Not in the Uprising Mastermind though!

Not only will numbers be capped, so it will naturally feel like a more intimate experience…

I am deeply devoted to making sure that each and every person gets my personal attention.

No impersonal “tell me if this resonates in the chat” or “here’s a generic template, now go and implement it in your business” rubbish! (YUCK!!!)

You can rest assured that I will (1) get to know you and your business through and through, (2) create plenty of space for you to ask questions specific to your business and your journey and (3) offer you 1:1 feedback, advice and guidance.

While all our masterminders will collectively rise together, no two paths will look the same – because no two people are the same (and because The Uprising Mastermind is proudly marketing model agnostic!)

The Uprising Mastermind isn’t a one size fits all, fit yourself into this generic box, journey.

Underpinning every move you make?

Your vision. Your mission. Your rules. Your most dreamy ways of working and serving. Your values. Your unique way of expressing yourself.


While we will embark on the same journey together, I won’t dish out a prescriptive 12 step plan…

And you’ll never hear the words ‘have to’ or ‘should’ come out of my mouth (rinse it out with soap if you do! 😆

The Uprising Mastermind will help you rise to where you want to be … your way.

No matter where you are on your journey, I will meet you where you are and help you move to where you want to be.

I love every bit of this program. It’s not just a program. It’s SO much more. When I thought about joining the program, I was afraid of not getting enough support as I had that experience before. But these worries are all gone now. I feel incredibly supported. I can honestly talk about what’s holding me back, ask questions and Casey knows exactly how to point me in the right direction when I feel stuck. I‘m forced to go deep and be vulnerable in a good way. It’s very expansive. And regarding the group I have no words for it. I finally found a safe space where I feel understood and don’t need to hide or pretend to be someone I’m not. Thank you, I’m loving the work Casey does and I’m so glad I took the leap.
Christin Fidrich
Christin Fidrich Coaching

We will balance soul-oriented introspection with results oriented strategy.

While much of our journey will focus on strengthening the foundations of your business and planning for your future success, it will all be taught through the lens of self connection, feminine embodiment and soul-nurturing practices.

At the end of our 3 month journey you won’t just be calling in more $, more soul-aligned clients, more aligned leads, more impact and more transformation for your people…

You’ll have a clear roadmap for your business and feel confident in your ability to not just run your business as the quietly rebellious CEO you are, but to run it in the right way for you for years to come.

Here’s how our 12 week journey will unfold (and your mission will begin to take flight!).

In-depth business training, templates and worksheets

A culmination of my decades of experience working in marketing and building and growing 6-figure+ businesses, I’ll share everything I know about growing a successful business as an intuitive, introverted and purpose-oriented person.

Every week you’ll receive a training video and carefully curated workbook that will both up-level your knowledge help you start applying and integrating the teachings in real life.

The modules we’ll explore will take you on a journey of foundational refinement, so you can bust into the next level of success and impact in your business.

While many people think of the foundations of their businesses as something that are ‘one and done’, the most successful entrepreneurs revisit them, time and again, throughout the lifetime of their business’s journey.


Because as their dream client’s needs and desires, the economic climate, marketing and sales trends and you, the business owner, morph and grow … so too must your offerings, positioning and strategy (and it’s safe to say that if your biz is currently at a stalemate, your foundations are in need of some TLC and refining!)


Getting sold on YOU, so you can sell to others

In order to be successful, you must be in constant devotion to your growth as a business owner … because as your business evolves, so too do the limiting beliefs that get in your way.

In this module we’ll explore the stories and sabotaging behaviours that are showing up in this season of your work, and preventing you from growing your impact and finances to where you want them to be.

We’ll get you sold on yourself (because you can’t sell to anyone else if you don’t have an unwavering belief in yourself first!) and reclaim your unique superpowers.


Refining + reconnecting with your dream clients

First things first – this isn’t any old soulless and generic nicheing module!

You’ll refine your dream clients even more, and learn how to magnetise people who are loyal lovers of you and your work, and who buy your programs/ services/products without an ounce of hesitation!

You’ll also reconnect with them with fresh eyes and gain a deeper understanding of what they’re desiring/needing/struggling with today, (because all humans change and so their current needs may be different from when you first started serving them!)


Crafting irresistible “heck yes!” offers

All successful and impactful businesses change and pivot, and switch up their offerings, depending on the economic climate and needs of their dream clients.

In this module you’ll take a curious look at what is and isn’t working with your current offers, and make the necessary changes to ensure their success.

For some, this will look like creating a new irresistible offer that has people saying “I’m in!” immediately.

You’ll also learn how to price your offer AND positioning it in a way that stands it out from the crowd, and gets it seen, loved and sold.


Creating an aligned marketing gameplan

Many business owners fly by the seat of their pants then wonder why they’re not hitting their reach, revenue and impact goals.

In this module you’ll map out an aligned marketing strategy and game plan that honours how you like to get visible, market and sell … and that actually works!

Whether it’s speaking on stage, being on social media, networking at local events or organising cozy coffee dates, we’ll find an intentional way to use your platforms to build meaningful relationships and book dreamy clients.


Selling soulfully, with zero sleaze

Something most impact-driven entrepreneurs have in common? They feel uncomfy selling BUT trust me when I say that you’ll LOVE it once I’m through with you!

Forget everything sleazy and generic you’ve ever been taught about selling…

In this module you’ll learn how to sell with soul, initiate sales conversations in a way that’s aligned with your values, and overcome objections respectfully and without being pushy.


Crafting a content plan that connects and converts

Knowing what to say and how to say it is one of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs face (am I right?).

In this module you’ll create a content plan that feels crystal clear and exciting to bring to life, and that connects deeply with your dream clients.

You will learn how to hone your marketing message, and map out your prospective client’s  journey – from cold to close (YAY!) – so you know exactly what to say at each stage of the path.

Intimate and individualised support and laser coaching

Get 90 whole minutes of personal and exclusive access to me each week to dive more deeply into the week’s teaching and get your burning questions answered.

This is your opportunity to receive personalised feedback about you and your business, while simultaneously learning from and being creatively inspired by your fellow masterminders.

Insightful observations, loving truth bombs, expert advice, self-limiting belief busting, powerful questioning, no BS – trust me when I say that this is where I shine, and when I shine, your business shines!

The gifts of these sessions will reverberate in your life and biz long after they end, as you’re left with crystal clear clarity about your next moves and a plan to put them into action.

Our weekly sessions will be recorded so you can return to them whenever you like, or experience their magic if you miss them.

Gentle yet firm accountability

Hosted in a cosy private corner of Facebook, the Conversation Cave is our sanctuary on the interwebs, and the one place where you don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not, or have it all together. 

Not only is the Conversation Cave a place you can show up to (warts and all!) to connect, collaborate, celebrate and commiserate…

It will provide you with the gentle accountability you need to stay devoted to your dreams and goals…


It will intimately connect you with like-valued and like-hearted women who will become your lifelong friends, cheerleaders and business allies (the partnerships and opportunities that flow from this space are mind blowing!

My experience with the programme so far is one of wanting to turn up. I asked myself why do I want to turn up here, where I have not in other’s programs? Simply because I feel that Casey cares that I have the best opportunity to be who I want to achieve. I get one on one in our group sessions and Casey always checks in and call me to task! I love that. It makes me feel accountable to me. I love grouping with the other women. They inspire me and through their own awareness there is always a kerching moment for me to recognise that I can learn from. So much more, but that’s it in a nutshell.
Tania Morsman
Labyrinth Heart

​​Hi, I’m Casey Lightbody.

I’m the CEO and Founder of The Quiet Collective. A fellow quiet rebel. A big dreaming visionary. A joyful chatterbox. A walk-aholic. And the Mumma of three wonderful young men.

I’ve spent the last 20+ years living, breathing and being borderline obsessed with all things business, marketing and strategy. 

From university level education, to a corporate marketing career, to the building and intentional burning down of a 6-figure business (because it wasn’t the right business for me), to the birthing of my soul’s work, The Quiet Collective…

I have an overflowing (giant!) handbag filled with real life experiences that I call on to support quietly powerful women entrepreneurs (like you!) to create successful, sustainable and passion-fuelled businesses that are gentle on their nervous systems and stress levels, and that feel like the perfect fit for them.

Everything I share and teach I have tried, tested and used to grow this space into the impactful multi 6-figure Queendom it is.

The Uprising Mastermind will teach you everything I know about laying healthy and sustainable foundations, not just for your business, but for you as the leader at its helm, so you can create the long lasting impact your heart feels called to.

If you tick these boxes and have made it this far down the page, I know you’re meant to be in the Uprising Mastermind.

The Investment

Flexible Payment Plan

3 monthly instalments
$ 1,333
  • Pricing in AUD$

Pay in Full

One Off Payment
$ 3,333
  • Pricing in AUD$
Best Value

If you’re ready to throw away the rulebook and learn how to transform your business into one that isn’t just successful and impactful, but that is aligned with how you want to work, serve and show up in the world…

Then don’t miss out on your opportunity to claim one of the limited spots inside the Uprising Mastermind.

We begin on July 25, 2023.