It’s time for the quiet ones to finally get loud.

Do you dare to dream of a world where the sensitive ones, the intuitive ones, the quiet ones, the care-too-much ones, the truly cause-driven ones are in charge?

Do you dare to become a part of the revolution where being spiritual, connected, different, *and* driven to create a global movement go seamlessly hand-in-hand?

Do you dare to devote yourself to co-creating this new world?

A world where the quiet rebels know exactly how to leverage their unique gifts to step up, lead, make waves, and create real change?

This is your chance to pledge your commitment.

The old way of doing business isn’t working anymore.

The old guard no longer stands tall.

The patriarchal structures guiding us in business, leadership, and life are starting to crumble, as we see that those methods do NOT actually serve.

Going forward, to stand up, stand out, and make our mark, we’ll need to pledge to do things differently. To do business differently. To do marketing and sales differently. To do leadership differently

Because as Quiet Rebels, we have BIG visions, genius ideas, and wildly unique approaches to solve the problems we’re facing on a global level and build a better world – our businesses are a true expression of that.

But we simply CAN’T use these “old guard” marketing, sales, and leadership techniques anymore, with all the pushing and forcing and lack of nuance and depth. We need a new way. A way that feels good to us, aligned for us, and actually flows with us – as individuals.

As a member of the Quiet Rebellion, we pledge:

No more…

  • Dancing on TikTok and pointing fingers on Instagram reels (unless we want to!)
  • Hanging out in Facebook groups, commenting on every post in the hopes of landing a client
  • Diluted marketing messages that are carbon copies of others and don’t speak the depth of what we’re truly here to do
  • Cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all strategies that feel more confining and copycat than authentic and inspiring
  • Hustling & grinding to make it all “work” when that doesn’t work for us
  • “Tried and tested” blueprints, bro marketing, or ego-centric branding that make it easier to hide than reveal what’s really inside
  • Dictatorial “one right way” leadership that’s always telling what you “should” do
  • “SMART” goal-setting that isn’t actually smart
  • Transactional business relationships where quantity matters more than quality
  • Reverse-engineering numbers to make the business work as if they are the be-all metric of change, improvement, and success
  • FUNNELS that make you more dizzy than profitable
  • Icky, sleazy sliding into DMs as a sales strategy
  • Using superficial vanity metrics to give us validation that our strategies are ‘working’
  • Talking to pain points and creating more harm in the world with your marketing

Instead, we are pledging to:

  • Connect with real people on a human level
  • Adopt marketing tactics that value and honor real relationships over transactional ones
  • Take radical self-responsibility including self-acceptance, decisiveness, and owning our shit
  • Move with unwavering self trust, embodied wisdom, and emotional intelligence, even if it feels uncomfortable and unfamiliar
  • Be self-led by our own inner knowing, because that’s the smartest business strategy there ever was
  • Go ‘all in’ and actually know what ‘all in’ means for us, because commitment is personal
  • Fall in love with the journey over and over (and over) again, instead of spending your days stressing about whether “this next launch will ‘work’”
  • Operate with integrity, open-heartedness, compassion, and generosity
  • Celebrate our progress on all the levels instead of diminish the accomplishments that don’t quite fit into what society says success “should” look like
  • Enjoy true collaboration over competition, because we’re all in this together
  • Lead with desire and love, and magnetize new business consistently as a result

By pledging to become a part of the Quiet Rebellion, you are devoting yourself to a deep remembering.

Because the truth we’ve been keeping locked away from ourselves by doing business the OLD way is this…

The Quiet Is Where The Truth Really Lives

We live in a culture that doesn’t value silence.

As business owners and leaders, we’re taught that there’s a right way to do things, and it doesn’t involve pausing to get quiet and check in with ourselves.

It involves numbers, data, complex plans, thinking (and overthinking), strategies, technologies, systems, solutions, and doing more, better, faster.

We’re bombarded with noise, distractions, and constant promises of immediate gratification and fast results that only keep us ignoring the deeper voice within.

There are millions of ways you can drown out your own inner wisdom.

And if you’re reading this page, perhaps you’ve realized that the myriad of strategies, approaches, and “best practices” of marketing and sales and business leadership that have been sold to you over the years is one of them.

These strategies were meant to be something that served your highest purpose, but instead, they became an obstacle to your inner truth, your inner quiet, your inner power.

You’re not alone in this.

But you are READY to embody and model a new way, a different way.

You’re ready to lead your global movement as a pioneer in this new way of being – and you REFUSE to sacrifice your highest wisdom ever again.

Because you know –

Quiet is our most untapped resource.

And when you learn to really let that lead your business, astonishing results become possible.

Imagine your inner wisdom becoming the most powerful “board of directors” you’ll ever need. Always accessible in that silent place within you, a power that no one can take from you. This can be how you lead from here on out, and you don’t have to do it alone.

This is what the Quiet Rebellion is all about.

See, I believe that the quiet ones are the world’s most untapped resource.

I believe if we collectively unleashed all of the quiet – the parts of ourselves that we’ve kept silent and haven’t given a chance to fully shine?

Those of us who’ve identified as quiet or sensitive, scared to really get loud, bold, and make ourselves known?

That’s when the world will really start to shift.

It’s already beginning – and it’s our job now to devote ourselves to this change and take the steps needed to build a new world for future generations.

We can market, sell, and lead our businesses to become the global movements they truly are – without the gross, outdated, exhausting strategies.

The change we want to see can ONLY happen if we let our quiet parts RIP.

We need to honor our quiet selves and give it/they/he/she the platform needed to build our true, purpose-driven legacy.

The Quiet Rebellion is definitely for you if any (or all) of these sound like you…

You consider yourself an intuitive leader, but need help bringing the full power of your work to a larger, even global platform.

You’re done having a business that focuses simply on the bottom line and want to bring to life a business doing what you truly love!

You know how to be successful in business (and you’ve proved that) but now you want to do it in a way that puts human connection front and center.

You have a big vision for your impact in the world and the change you want to create, but need to know what strategies will work for you that align with your personality and energy.

You don’t want metrics, structures and systems to determine your decision making but you do want to use them to confirm your intuition and provide you with reliable, solid ground under your feet.

You’re ready to do work you love, in a way that lights you up but doesn’t burn you out.

Whether you’ve had massive success in business before, or not.

Whether you’ve had an easy time sharing your vulnerable gifts before, or not.

Whether you’ve felt deeply connected to your business and purpose on a spiritual level, or not.

Your inner voice knows what it wants and it’s not keeping quiet. 

It’s ready to gently shake the world open with the truth.

And you know it’s time to listen and let it get loud.

Because what you have to do – the work you’re called to – is big, powerful, important – and it can’t be pushed aside, silenced, or ignored to do what is “normal,” or “safe,” or “practical,” anymore.

You’re no longer willing to follow the status quo, walk the traditional path, bring someone else’s dream to life or mold your business based on supposed tried and tested strategies from others. You’re no longer willing to abandon yourself to try and fit in, belong or please others and you sure as hell are not choosing to  – ever work for anyone else other than YOURSELF.

Because you call the shots. You live by your rules. You carve your own path.

And that’s because…

You’re not just… Quiet. Different. Sensitive. A black sheep.

Unique. Quirky. Weird.

You’re powerful. You’re a rebel.

And you belong in the Quiet Rebellion.

Start Now By Pledging Your Commitment. It’s entirely FREE.

When you pledge…

  • You’ll become a part of an incredible community of first adopters of The Quiet Rebellion – an army of true believers in tuning into your most quiet power to actualize your legacy, bring your cause-driven work to life, and inspire others to do the same.
  • You’ll be added to our Quiet Rebellion Wall of Fame, our gorgeous gallery just for those who are ready to publicly declare their commitment to being a leader in the Quiet Rebellion. 
  • You’ll sink into the full, deep, embodied sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself by being part of this Rebellion, this community, and this cause to really change how we operate to bring even more good to the world.

Quiet rebellion is the catalyst for seismic shifts in humanity. It's time for women to embrace their understated power and create waves of change. No more playing small, it's time to rise together.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.

Our Quiet Rebels stand for…

Environmental Change

We’re interested in regenerative leadership, sustainable practices, and approaching a circular economy.

We aim to be innovative in how we reduce waste and fierce in how we get around the red tape, bureaucracy, and stakeholders who slow down our efforts towards change.

We want to change the conversation about things being so disposable, find reciprocal ways of living, relating, and working that nurture our planet and improve the future of human life.

Generational Impact

We care about better relationships but we’re not just interested in improving one relationship, marriage, or family – we want to shift the generational impact of all of our behaviors and actions.

We do this by asking how we can take radical self responsibility in how we show up for ourselves, partners, and communities so we can model for future generations what it looks like to take the big swings required to shape a better world.

Gender Equity & Empowerment

We know that communicating more effectively is how we build a world where women get to experience more equality and reciprocity.

By helping women build connection to themselves, overcome limiting beliefs, and re-remember who they are – we help them receive what they actually want, not just what society expects of them.

A powerful woman shouldn’t stay stuck on the sidelines because of uncertainty or a lack of self-belief.

It’s time for her to boldly ask for what she wants, expect it, and get it.

Bringing The Feminine To The Forefront

We understand the intrinsic power of the feminine, the all-knowing, the intuition, the embodied wisdom.

We respect and revere the quiet power of the feminine and desire to let her deep, embodied knowing lead and light the way.

We learn to develop unwavering self trust so we can build a business in a way that feels fun, exciting, refreshing, and true. We bring our feelings to the surface. We stay with our truth so it can show us the answers.

Meet The Quiet Rebels With A Cause

Pledging your support will only take a minute. Promise.

The Quiet Rebellion Is Created and Hosted By
Casey Lightbody

Casey is the Founder and CEO of The Quiet Collective, a soulful sisterhood of quietly powerful women leaders in business who yearn to not just scale impact-driven businesses but create global movements…together!

She’s been featured on Entrepreneur on Fire and the Introverted Entrepreneur and has authored three Amazon best-selling books. Casey is also the creator of The Quiet Conquer Code, a framework that puts human connection back into marketing by putting real relationships – and who we really are – at the front and centre of business.

She developed this framework using her 15+ years of university education and the work/life experience she gained from living on 3 continents and interviewing 80+ industry leaders. The tools, techniques, and strategies in her framework helped Casey start and sustainably grow 2 successful six figure+ businesses.

Now, Casey helps other intuitive, sensitive women claim their true desires and create their own successful, sustainable businesses, built purely from their own unique quiet power.

The Quiet Rebellion Creed

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