the Introvert's

guide to marketing

9 Steps from Hidden Treasure to Potent Powerhouse

Are you struggling to put yourself out there but know you need to be getting visible and building relationships to grow your business?

Not exactly easy for introverts, right? 

And that’s exactly why we’ve put together this guide about marketing to help you.

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the author

About Casey Lightbody

Casey is the Founder and CEO of The Quiet Collective, a soulful sisterhood of quietly powerful women leaders in business who yearn to grow, learn, and play bigger…together!

She’s been featured on Entrepreneur on Fire and the Introverted Entrepreneur and authored three Amazon best-selling books.

Her 15+ years of university education and the work (and life) experience she’s gained from living on 3 different continents and interviewing over 80 industry leaders has given her deep insight and intuition into people and how we process information.

Using these tools, techniques, and strategies for herself, Casey has been able to start and grow not one, but 2 six figure businesses.

Now she helps other women claim their true power and create their own successful, sustainable businesses on their terms.