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A revolutionary programme for the quietly powerful businesswoman ready to scale to aligned $100k months, without the coercive sales conversations, the launch roller coaster or endless hustle.

  • Approach your business with crystal-clear CLARITY in the clients you serve, the strategy you design, and the unique path you forge.
  • Build CONFIDENCE in yourself and your business growth plan, so you can move your business forward while affirming your credibility and sharing your gifts with the world.
  • Master your COMMUNICATION, so your magnetic marketing message converts clients with compassion and encourages collaboration with other like minded business owners.

How will you be remembered?

For as long as you’ve been alive, you’ve been driven to make a difference. You want to serve others and impact positive change in such a way that, years after you’ve gone, others around you will see your footprints in the sands of time.

If you’re reading this now, it means you’ve uncovered the cause, the service, or the project that speaks to your soul and lights you up from within. You also know the best way to share that light with the world is to channel your passion through entrepreneurship.

There’s just one problem: The world’s idea of what an entrepreneur looks like… doesn’t look anything like you.

Where they’re extroverted, you’re introverted.

Where they’re masculine, you’re feminine.

Where they’re pushy, you’re compassionate.

And where they insist on following a strict, cookie-cutter template to success, you feel an irresistible pull to forge your own path. To stop being the “Good Girl” who’s spent her life doing things the way everyone else says they should be done…because it’s exhausting, and it’s getting you nowhere.

So you decide you’ll do it your own way—marketing, sales, running a business—completely on your own, picking it up as you go along. But your sensitive nature, deep introspection, and tendency towards over-analysis leads you quickly into overwhelm. There’s so much to do, and so many ways to do it, that you end up breaking down and doing nothing at all—even though you’re more than ready to take action.

You know you want to leave a mark on the world. You just don’t know the steps to take.

How will you be seen?

Your main goal in growing your own business is clear: You want to help other people. But you know you can’t just wait for them to come to you—you need to make yourself visible to your ideal audience. And for introverts like us, that may be a little overwhelming.

It doesn’t help that all the ways you’ve been taught to connect with potential clients—engaging in hours of meaningless small talk, creating aggressive marketing content that intimidates your audience into interacting with you, live-streaming every private moment of your life on social media—feels exhausting and fundamentally wrong to you.

Moreover, your deep compassion drives you to want to help everyone. You’ve been told you need to narrow your audience, to find your niche, but you can’t help but feel that means you won’t be doing enough to make your corner of the world a better place. Instead, you try to reach as many people as possible—which inevitably leads to more overwhelm and confusion.

You know you want to serve others. You just don’t know how to reach them.

How would it feel to take off your extroverted mask?

You’ve heard over and over again that to be an entrepreneur, you need to change the fundamental bits that make you you—your quiet, your sensitivity, your introspection, your empathy. And despite your passion and sureness of purpose, you’ve taken those words to heart, questioning whether what you want is even possible for someone like you. But what if introverts don’t need to change themselves to fit into marketing after all? What if it’s the other way around? I want you to take a moment and picture a reality where…
  • Your marketing framework embraces your authentic self and plays to your unique strengths, instead of forcing you to wear an extroverted mask and rely on the cookie-cutter tactics everyone else is using.
  • Your messaging clearly reflects not just your offer, but your compassion and credibility—and it connects you to both paying clients and powerful partnerships, without leaving you feeling sleazy about selling.
  • You feel empowered to put yourself out there and make yourself visible to the world in a sustainable way, thanks to refined focus and rediscovered confidence.

Now imagine that reality was available to introverted women all over the globe—a quiet, yet revolutionary shift in the way we think about running a business.

Introverts don’t need to change themselves to fit marketing. We need to change marketing to fit introverts.

The Quiet Impact Academy offers this paradigm shift in business.

The Quiet Impact Academy is an online programme that will teach, guide, and inspire the introverted businesswoman to tap into her quiet and step into her potential as an entrepreneur and leader. Equal parts business course and coaching programme, the Quiet Impact Academy is designed to carry you over your biggest hurdles by reframing everything you think you know about marketing to fit your quiet ambition and speak to your introverted soul.

I'm so incredibly grateful to have found Casey and joined the Quiet Impact Academy! Casey hand-picks amazing women to create a safe space to be ourselves, ask for help, and feel fully supported while growing ourselves and our businesses. Casey listens deeply and reads between the lines to help you see and realize things about yourself you may not have been able to verbalize yourself (or that you were too afraid to admit to even yourself!). This is so helpful to get unstuck and move forwards in the right direction for you. I feel so supported and inspired to be accountable and take action in my business. Casey caters to each woman 1:1, she knows each woman and their business deeply and customizes advice, guidance, and next steps accordingly. This makes me feel seen and confident that I'm building towards something that's right for me. And it's invaluable to be able to get feedback and validation along the way from Casey and the rest of the incredible group of women. Thank you!!
Lizzie Korsgaard
Lizzie Korsgaard Brand Photography

The Quiet Impact Academy balances soul-oriented introspection with results-oriented strategy.

The Quiet Impact Academy is more than a marketing course. It’s a revolutionary programme designed by and for introverted women—the kind of women who are ready to stop using their introversion as an excuse and start using it as what it really is: a superpower.

When you invest in the Quiet Impact Academy, you’ll experience firsthand the dramatic positive shifts in your soul and your strategy—because the quietly powerful woman knows both being and doing are equally important.

Your soul stands to gain…

Your strategy stands to gain…

Embrace your quiet in an atmosphere tailor-made for women like you.

My experience with the Quiet Academy so far is one of wanting to turn up. I asked myself why do I want to turn up here, where I have not in other’s programs? Simply because I feel that Casey cares that I have the best opportunity to be who I want to achieve. I get one on one in our group sessions and Casey always checks in and call me to task! I love that. It makes me feel accountable to me. I love grouping with the other women. They inspire me and through their own awareness there is always a kerching moment for me to recognise that I can learn from. So much more, but that’s it in a nutshell.
Tania Morsman
Labyrinth Heart

12 Month Immersion to Unleash Your Introverted Potential

Lifetime Access to Course Content

At the heart of the Quiet Impact Academy is my signature nine-step framework for introverted marketing: The Quiet Conquer Code. You’ll have the opportunity to dive deep into each of these nine steps, learning the reasoning behind them as well as tangible action items you can implement immediately into your own business.

With easily digestible lessons available in both audio and video as well as accompanying transcripts…

…you’ll learn step by step roadmap of how you, as a quietly powerful woman, you can embrace your introversion for a unique advantage in the business world.

You will also get LIFETIME access to all 9 modules of this course so you can go back at any time to watch more videos, read more transcripts, listen to more audios, and take more notes.

With everything in this first part of the course, I know you could see massive success from just this curriculum which includes…


Now that you’re aware of your calling, it’s time to commit to others—and more importantly, to yourself—to carry it out. This module will help set your business’s compass to your true north, so you can commit to clear goals aligned with your quiet personality.


Introverts often struggle with recognising and sharing their own gifts and skills. In this module, you’ll create a personal inventory of everything that makes you the most qualified person to be running your business. You’ll step towards banishing impostor syndrome and start celebrating your introverted superpowers with unquestionable confidence.


Your sensitivity and compassion make you want to help everyone. But to really make a difference, you’ll need to narrow your niche: the clear and specific problem you solve for a clear and specific group of people. At the end of this week, you’ll have a laser-focused niche and a clearly defined ideal client.


It’s time to get clear on what and how you serve your audience. In this module, you’ll learn how to create an irresistible offer, as well as design a business model that aligns with your personality and values, so you can build your business sustainably on rock-solid foundations.


You can’t wait around for your clients to come to you—you need to let them know you exist! This module will guide you through introvert-friendly methods of building an audience, focusing on ways to make yourself visible while remaining true to yourself, your core values, and your personal boundaries. Trust me—it can be done!

Now that you have your audience’s attention, it’s time to make them feel special. This module allows you to set yourself apart from the competition through something introverts have a natural talent for: building genuine and meaningful relationships.


Marketing your services effectively means getting clear on your messaging so you can speak directly to your most compatible leads. In this module, you’ll learn to craft magnetic messaging that draws your audience in and builds authentic relationships with your dream clients.


By definition, introverts gain energy by being alone rather than being with others. But when it comes to running a business, you simply can’t do it alone. In the final module of the Quiet Impact Academy, you’ll learn to embrace partnerships, developing a clear strategy that allows you to step into all the strength that comes with community.


The world of sales has been geared towards extroverts for far too long. In this module, you’ll learn quiet, compassionate, and ethical methods of guiding your ideal client along their journey with your business, converting leads in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling sleazy or gross.


Not only will we show you the “what” of business, but we’ll also show you the how with simple, step-by-step actionable strategies designed exclusively through an introverted lens.

But that’s far from what you’re getting today!

Action Guides (aka Workbooks to keep you on track)

You’ll also receive templatized note taking action guides for you to use online or print off to write on physically. Taking notes in these action guides is also how we are going to build your unique roadmap.

It’s just like driving into a new neighborhood or a new part of town. You use Google Maps the first time to find your way. Then you have to backtrack, and re-drive the road again 3-4 times before you memorize the street names and where exactly to turn to get to your location.

It’s the SAME THING with building a business!

I can show you the entire path laid out in front of you but to really memorize the steps you take to get there, you are going to have to “drive the road” a few more times.

Make sense?

It’s really hard to retrace your steps if you don’t have a history of where you have been though.

When you finish this course however, these action guides will show you the EXACT road map of how YOU got from point A to point B and what steps you’ve taken so far.

Now you can drive up and down the metaphorical “road” as many times as you need to cement YOUR unique path in your mind. This is a GAME CHANGER and I can’t wait for you to use these guides!

*side note*

Completing each weekly action steps will allow you to unlock hidden bonuses to reward you for staying on track.

Instead of being punished with the “shock” of guilt for not doing what you said you were going to do…You will be rewarded with goodies every time you follow through and take action.

This is waaaayyyyyy more effective than punishing yourself for doing something wrong, and will train your brain to start to think and believe that you are a WINNER.

But there is still more!

Weekly Live Coaching and Q&A

Inside the Quiet Impact Academy I’ve curated an environment that will offer you the personalised lead generation and sales support that’s designed specifically for introverts to ensure you receive everything that you need. You have personal and exclusive access to me live TWICE WEEKLY to get your business strategy and marketing questions answered. So if you feel lost in the curriculum and how to apply the training to your business in a way that will help you grow your audience, make your first money, or manage your time to get it all done — and how to do it in an innie-friendly way — then join me live each week.

Cozy Community

This is the one place on the internet where you don’t have to pretend to be extroverted or have it all together.

The Conversation Cave is our private sanctuary on the interwebs. Come and join your ‘innie’ business sisters in our exclusive group where we drop the pretences and show up as ourselves (warts and all!) to connect, collaborate, celebrate and commiserate.

We bring out our pompoms and tissues to rise and thrive together because we believe a rising tide lifts all boats, and together we can make waves.

This Conversation Cave is a key component of success in this programme because it creates a low pressure environment, but still provides accountability for you to follow through on achieving your goals.

Here’s A Quick Summary Of What’s Inside of the Quiet Impact Academy:

12 months of strategy, mindset, implementation and community support which includes:

I feel helped in all ways. The course curriculum is forcing me to methodically think about and write crucial information about my business. Information that is so easily overlooked. I feel heard and supported in the group sessions. Casey is able to see things that I can’t see, and quite frankly never even thought about! Casey’s experience is palpable in the way that she can see the bigger picture, and the next step with ease and confidence.
Sandi Johnston-Yu
Nature Instead

Quiet is your power. Channel it and get unstuck today.

If you’ve been waiting to take action, I understand. I’ve felt stuck before too, not knowing how to take the next step or even what the next step should be.

But every day you wait is another day you deny the world of your unique vision, magical gifts, and revolutionary quiet.

Enroll in the Quiet Impact Academy to gain the clarity and confidence you need to answer the calling inside you.

I love every bit of this program. It’s not just a program. It’s SO much more. When I thought about joining the quiet impact academy I was afraid of not getting enough support as I had that experience before but these worries are all gone now. I feel incredibly supported. I can honestly talk about what’s holding me back, ask questions and Casey knows exactly how to point me in the right direction when I feel stuck. I‘m forced to go deep and be vulnerable in a good way. It’s very expansive. And regarding the group I have no words for it. I finally found a safe space where I feel understood and don’t need to hide or pretend to be someone I’m not. Thank you, I’m loving the work Casey does and I’m so glad I took the leap.
Christin Fidrich
Christin Fidrich Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

The Quiet Impact Academy is set up so that you can make a system for your business and market your products or services while you’re still inside the programme. If you follow every step in the modules,  you’ll learn quiet, compassionate, and ethical methods of guiding your ideal client along their journey with your business, converting leads in a way that doesn’t leave you feeling sleazy. Essentially, results will come from your efforts to implement and use every lesson from the programme. By the time you’re finished with the programme, you’ll be able to help anyone who needs your expertise and have a plan of action for turning them into customers.

It is an investment to join the Quiet Collective, not a cost. The difference between investments and costs are that investments are things that allow you to make a profit in the future. I’m happy to share the investment with you on Zoom after you’ve seen the value, but I’ve purposely made it very affordable because it really matters to me to support women in stepping into their quiet power. 

No, you don’t! It’s a flexible programme, designed to allow you to be successful regardless of where your strengths lie – and we’ll work together every step of the way so that you’re confident in all parts of your business. However, suppose you do have it, but it isn’t completely set up. In that case, the Quiet Impact Academy will help you make revisions, updates, and upleveling for better performance and, ultimately, achieving maximum results.

I love this question, because it means you care how you spend your time and that’s already a huge step for your entire business. We generally recommend 2-4 hours per week. This is broken into 30-45 minutes for the weekly training, 60-90 minutes for the live coaching then 45-60 minutes to take action.

Absolutely! You will have personal and exclusive access to me during our twice weekly live Q&A/coaching calls/Office Hours to get your business and marketing questions answered.

This program is for anyone struggling to get consistent paying clients. Whether you’re a new or advanced entrepreneur, this program focuses on teaching you how to most clearly articulate and message your online brand’s value, grow your audience, and powerfully demonstrate how your expertise is the best option to solve the problem your client’s suffer from. Whether you’ve never made a dollar or already have some clients (albeit a bit hit and miss), if you’re looking for predictable, consistent clients, then this program is for you.

No, this isn’t a membership or subscription. It’s a 12 month program with a beginning and an end, that follows the Quiet Conquer Code to guide you through every single step to build your sales and marketing funnel. It’s a coaching/course hybrid covering the 9C’s:  Commitment, Credibility, Clients, Creation, Connection, Communication, Conversion, Collaboration and Clarity.

Lifetime access to the Quiet Impact Academy (training and recordings) with a flexible curriculum is available to all students.

Absolutely not. The main thing is that you are willing and open-minded about learning new things; you are already on your way to success. But please be reminded that if you want to succeed in this programme, some technology will be involved that may not come naturally for you. But it doesn’t mean we won’t help! We aim to provide the most simple and effective technology to reach your goals in the Quiet Impact Academy. PLUS, you have access to our Tech Lab for more support and advice.

The Quiet Impact Academy is an intimate program that provides complete transparency, so it’s not necessary for us to offer refunds. We’re confident that you’ll be pleased with what you’ve accomplished by enrolling in this program. For those who are sceptical, we have something better than a refund policy. We call it our MONEY UP GUARANTEE. This means we’ll send awesome rewards your way the more you take action!

Meet Casey

Hi, I’m Casey Lightbody, and I’m the CEO and Founder of The Quiet Collective. I am a business and marketing mentor, strategist, and consultant who helps quietly powerful women entrepreneurs establish a clear business growth plan so they can come out of hiding and create the impact they desire in their lives and the lives of others.

I draw from my university education, 20+ years of work experience, life experience living on 3 different continents, deep intuition, and over 80 interviews with industry influencers to help my clients with personalised 1:1 strategy and coaching to create successful, sustainable businesses on their terms.

I’m passionate about helping my fellow introverted women step into their own quiet power. I am so excited to invite you to join the Quiet Impact Academy and to see how an introverted paradigm shift in marketing can impact you.

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Join the Quiet Marketing Revolution

I know all too well the struggles of building a business as an introvert—of creating sustainable success while staying on a path that allows you to be unapologetically yourself.

But I also know that when women like you—women who are quiet, yet outspoken; compassionate, yet driven; sensitive, yet rebellious—finally step up to the challenge of making your gifts known to the world, amazing things are possible.

And if a community of such women were to join together and do marketing in a way that works for us—a comfortable, soulful, relationship-centered kind of marketing—imagine what kind of ripple effect we could have.

Today, I’m inviting you to be a part of that movement. Enroll in the Quiet Impact Academy and join me in the quiet marketing revolution.