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First Steps to Sustainable Six Figures

How to successfully get


…even if you’re an introvert with a small following and limited budget

Date: Thursday, November 25, 2021
Time: 9.00am – 1.00pm
Venue: Hub Rooms 2-3, Eatons Hill Hotel, Eatons Hill, Brisbane

You KNOW you need to put yourself out there to let the world learn about you and your business.

And yet you’re struggling.

Struggling to get visible. Struggling to narrow your niche. Struggling to talk yourself up.  Struggling to gain clarity on your message. Struggling to connect with prospects.  Struggling to get clients and grow your business.

There’s so much information out there and you not sure what to follow. You’ve tried staying up to date with the latest trends, you’ve implemented the various cookie-cutter strategies, you’ve followed the online gurus… only to end up with crickets.

You’re feeling completely overwhelmed with growing your business but you know deeply that you are capable of more. That your work matters, and that you can really help people.

And you also know in your heart that there has to be another way of marketing yourself….a way that feels nurturing, and heart-centred, and cozy.

The good news…there totally is! And I’m going to show you how.

This First Steps to Sustainable Six Figures workshop was created to share with you how to map out a one-page, bespoke marketing plan that will propel your business into profit not in spite of being an introvert, but because of it.

During this 4 hour workshop you will learn…

There’s a different way to market your business online and, as a result of attending this workshop, you will learn that it is entirely possible to market yourself, 100% on your own terms. You’ll walk away with the tools and strategies to spark meaningful conversations, grow genuine connections, develop solid, authentic, heartfelt messaging and market yourself with confidence. An introvert’s dream, right?

What introverted business owners say about The Quiet Collective

I have been struggling to build my small business and find the confidence to put myself out into the world as an entrepreneur. I found networking very overwhelming as an introvert, and also struggle with self-confidence in my skills and my business. Meeting Casey and the wonderful women in the Introverted Women in Business Group was incredible. I found myself surrounded by women who understood my fears and challenges, shared in them, and were willing to support each other in overcoming them. Casey was an inspiration during the workshop. Even in that first workshop, I came away with new ways of looking at myself and my business, new connections, and a marketing plan to move forward. I am feeling more confident already with the knowledge that I now have a support network to help me reach the best version of myself and my future.

Felicity Baker-Schaefer

I absolutely loved attending Casey’s Workshop! Being in a room full of ‘real humans’ again was so wonderful and it was lovely to meet and connect with other like-minded women in business. Casey is a fabulous and engaging teacher and she shared some simple and practical strategies to help us get clear on our business and marketing goals for the next 90 days. She also provided some great questions to review where our business is at right now by doing an emotional and rational stocktake which was incredibly helpful. Casey has such a passion for helping introverted women to build and operate their businesses with ease and her enthusiasm is infectious! I’m so inspired to put my new learnings into practice! Thank you for sharing your wisdom, Casey!

Melissa Strange

The workshop was informative and personal. It felt genuine and Casey is clearly an expert in this field. She made the content concise and relevant.

Tanya Pead

Casey really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to marketing, and she understands how introverts feel. This is a winning combination and she really helps introverts move their business forward.

Sally Eberhardt

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25th November at 9.00 am Brisbane Time

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Casey Lightbody

Casey Lightbody is the Founder and CEO of The Quiet Collective, a soulful sisterhood of quietly powerful women leaders in business who yearn to grow, learn, and play bigger…together! She’s been featured on Entrepreneur on Fire and the Introverted Entrepreneur and authored three Amazon best-selling books.

Her 15+ years of university education and the work/life experience she’s gained from living on 3 different continents and interviewing over 80 industry leaders has given her deep insight and intuition into people and how we process information. Using these tools, techniques, and strategies for herself, she’s been able to start and grow 2 six figure business. Now Casey helps other women claim their true power and create their own successful, sustainable businesses on their terms.