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How to Build Strategic Relationships to Authentically Amplify Your Audience

A 4 week  group program for sensitive and intuitive women who want  to consistently generate leads, build their audience and attract cozy clients into their service-based businesses, without having to hustle like crazy.

A quick question: How is your lead generation and audience building going?

If you’re anything like I was a few years ago, you may be experiencing the following:

Connected is a LIVE 4 WEEK GROUP PROGRAM to help you attract dream client leads and grow your audience (or even build it from scratch!) using your superpowers of connection and a timeless yet overlooked marketing technique that prioritises yummy human-to-human connection and throws hustling, sleazy and misaligned strategies out the window.

Guest podcast interviews, summit keynotes, guest blogging, email swaps, sponsorships, live trainings – these are just some of the ways you can invite large numbers of potential new dream clients into your community, a way that values connection and authenticity (and involves zero dancing on camera – haha).

Doing ‘all the things’ to build your audience, but not seeing it grow as quickly as you’d like? Here’s something you may not have considered… …

You’re struggling to generate quality leads because you’re hopping from shiny object to shiny object and trend to trend, which is leading you to market yourself in a way that DOES NOT feel aligned!

Connected uses a little-used yet age-old strategy that allows you to tap into your zone of genius of being able to listen, ask questions and connect deeply  (superpowers that sensitive and intuitive women like you have in spades!) and borrow other people’s audiences to build your own.  

When you connect with the perfect partner and collaborate to leverage their audience, you don’t have to constantly create content, be on social media 24/7 or pay for ads to be seen and heard. You get to tap into their existing audience and borrow it to grow your own – getting you near instant results, in a way that feels really good and easeful!

And the best part is anyone can build business connections that count. Even if you have zero email subscribers and zero followers,  you still have so much potential value to offer partners (yes, you really do!)

And that’s where I can help…

Using my signature 4 step Connection Catalyst framework, you’ll land your first powerful marketing partnership in a matter of weeks (even if you’re just starting out!) and as a result, see your audience and leads grow effortlessly.

Curious to know what’s possible for you, using this connection based framework?

Past participant Lucy generated nearly $100K during a month-long launch thanks to the overflowing dream client list she created using my connection framework! Want to know the extra incredible part? She even turned her marketing off because her team couldn’t handle the growth – THAT’S how effective this strategy is!!!

And Erin, busy Mum of 4 kids under 6, started a brand new business, had a full client load AND a waitlist, and left her full-time job within just 6 months of participating in this program and implementing my 4-step framework! 

These massive results are possible for you too!

What you’ll walk away from Connected with

“Collaboration is where I thrive! I just had a really exciting networking conversation in an online group and it's opening doors already! AND I'm meeting with someone next week to discuss sharing clients”

What you’ll learn each week…

What you’ll receive...


Upgrade your experience and get 4 whole weeks of intimate 1:1 Voxer access to me throughout the duration of Connected. 

You’ll have me on call in your back pocket as your Mentor, Strategist and personal cheerleader so you can get tailored guidance and feedback for YOU and YOUR business!  

Haven’t heard of Voxer? It’s a free messaging app!

“I felt the energy shift so much! I got contacted today by a really big podcast and I was invited to be on 2 episodes instead of 1. I can see how I took steps from a place of leadership to land this opportunity. A huge shift for me!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Casey is a business growth strategist and marketing mentor for intuitive, conscious, impact-driven women. As a seasoned entrepreneur who has scaled multi six figure companies over the last 10 years, Casey knows first hand what it takes to create sustainable yet exponential success.  After making the hard decision to close her first business, she went on to build her second in a way that feels abundant, aligned and authentic and is now dedicated to helping quietly powerful women scale their businesses, 100% on their terms.

This program is for service providers, coaches, consultants and experts who are tired of following cookie-cutter formulas and want to do things THEIR way. They are ready to market themselves effectively leveraging their unique gifts and the power of other people’s audience to create win-win relationships for everyone.

Absolutely! This program is designed to support you in landing your first marketing partnership whether you just started yesterday or already have a profitable business and a large audience.

Let me guess. You’re either getting amazing results in your business but there’s a nagging feeling that even though things are working on the outside, there must be an easier and more aligned way…  

OR things are working with easeful flow but you’re here to create a god damn movement and you’re ready to put your lead generation on hyperspeed so you can connect with more of the people who want and need what you have to offer. 

No matter which camp you fit into, this program is perfect for you! Partnerships can benefit businesses at ALL stages of their journey and support you to catapult your business growth with complete ease, flow and alignment.

That’s no problem!  Each session is recorded so you can go back and watch it in your own time.

“I knew exploring opportunities for collaboration is something I needed to do but hadn't made any real progress in that area. After this training, I felt more pushed to do it. Also, I feel I have a better set of tools now to make those needed connections going forward. I got empowered to push ahead with following up with a potential collaborator. I was able to land a podcast interview and am now in the process of engaging with another potential collaborator, who has access to part of my ideal audience. I feel secure in determinedly pursuing this avenue.”



Fair Price = US$2499

Today’s Price = US$1,999

How will it work

Live 4 week program starting on 22 February 2023. Each session will be approximately 60 minutes.

Session times:

22nd February at 9.00am AEST

1st March at 8.00am AEST

8th March at 9.00am AEST

15th March at 7.30am AEST