10 Female Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2019 to Improve your Sales Confidence

What’s your reaction when I say ‘sales’? Excitement or dread? Determination or run-for-the-hills avoidance? If the traditional notion of sales makes you shudder, then you’re certainly not alone. If you’re concerned about how to sell without actually being ‘salesy’, then you’re also not alone. If you have a great business idea but you’re hesitant to […]

Why The Marathon Mentality Can Help You Promote Your Business

Introverted entrepreneurs share their top self-promotion tips (part 1) Fast and furious or slow and steady? It’s so easy for us to feel like there’s no choice but to do more — and do it faster — in our instant, on-demand world. But that can be draining, especially for us introverts. And it can lead […]

The Introvert’s Guide to Online Visibility When All you Want to do is Hide…

Marketing tips for people who hate to self-promote You’re on a mission to change the world. And that means really getting your message heard. You need to reach more people. More often. In more ways. But when you hear the word ‘marketing,’ the first things you think of are ‘Loud’. ‘Brash.’ ‘Self-serving’. And that’s not you. […]