10 Female Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2019 to Improve your Sales Confidence

What’s your reaction when I say ‘sales’?

Excitement or dread? Determination or run-for-the-hills avoidance?

If the traditional notion of sales makes you shudder, then you’re certainly not alone.

If you’re concerned about how to sell without actually being ‘salesy’, then you’re also not alone.

If you have a great business idea but you’re hesitant to put yourself out there because you don’t want to do that sales thing, you’re in good company here…

If you’re hoping for some inspiration, insights and practical ideas around how to make sales feel like a natural extension of your business — not this terrible thing you have to do — then you’re in luck. Keep reading!

I recently asked my Facebook groups about the main thing their businesses need in the coming year. And guess what? Over and over again, the answer was new customers/clients.

In other words…we all need to improve our sales skills so we can make the impact we dream of making. But that doesn’t mean morphing yourself into someone you’re not or trying to fit some outdated salesperson stereotype (think: pushy, extroverted, and — often — male).

In fact, more and more, we’re hearing about how introverts excel at sales because of our outstanding listening skills and empathy. So true! As you may have heard me say before, your introversion is one of your superpowers.

Want to make sales one of your superpowers too? I know you can. And I’ll give you a nudge in the right direction to improve your confidence and skills around sales…

Start by following these 10 incredible women.

Individually and collectively, they’ll help build your know-how around sales AND they’ll totally, completely inspire you to bring your dreams to life — just like they have!

Each of these ladies has a unique perspective on what it takes to successfully drive business sales without compromising who you are and what you stand for. But I’ve chosen these 10 (out of so, so many more fantastic female businesswomen out there…) because of one overarching similarity: They all seriously, genuinely care about authenticity. They care about you living your best life. And they offer some pretty amazing insights to help you get there.

So, here’s a (very) quick glimpse at what each of these incredible businesswomen has to offer. Believe me, once you delve in, you’ll discover that you can learn to tolerate sales … and … maybe … even grow to enjoy sales as an opportunity to connect your mission with more people in a way that fits your subtle, introverted nature.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. Just go and check out all of these amazingly insightful businesswomen!

Nicole Walters

Ten years as a Fortune 500 executive means Nicole Walters has plenty of valuable strategies and lessons under her (very stylish) belt. And one I couldn’t agree with more? Nicole believes in automating systems, not relationships, and she wisely says that “people aren’t dollar signs.” The heart of the message? Connection is the core of great sales. I love how Nicole shares real experiences, such as talking about why “you don’t need everyone.”

Bushra Azhar

Maybe, just maybe, there’s more to this ‘selling’ thing than meets the eye (and maybe that’s why so many of us introverts struggle with the idea of ‘selling’ at all). Turn to Bushra and you’ll find yourself with a total paradigm shift … and the realisation that understanding the science of persuasion (yes – science, not art, as Bushra teaches!) can help get you exactly where you want to go.

Grace Lever

Grace is all about empowering female entrepreneurs to get stuff done (together), including helping your business become a profitable, sales-driving machine. And, she knows how to pull herself up by the bootstraps. As Grace shared in an article on Forbes, her first attempt at hosting a workshop was — in her words — “a flop.” But she held tightly to her vision and her commitment. What happened over the course of the next year? That first shaky workshop turned into more than 100 events hosted… and more than seven figures in the bank. So, when Grace shares her insights about “The Doer’s Way,” it’s a been-there-done-that kind of tale full of her honesty and own experience.

Denise Duffield Thomas

Think you need to change the way you think about money? You’re probably right. Denise is a self-made millionaire and the author of several amazing books that belong on your shelf, including recently released Chillpreneur. She’s also  just the gal to help you change your “money mindset” so that you can break through the barriers holding you back in your business and your life in general. But it’s not just about creating wealth, as Denise shares. It’s about making the difference you want to make in the world and, as Denise says, “living abundantly.” She’ll help you release your “money blocks” and start earning what you’re worth with an effective sales mindset.

Tash Corbin

A fellow heart-centred entrepreneur, Tash is all about being authentic. As she’ll tell you herself, she’s driven to help people “uncover and value that unique ‘something’ they have to offer the world.” If one of your goals in the year ahead is to improve your sales through Facebook groups, you should definitely check out how Tash grew her FB community to 30,000 members – impressive! Tash’s transparency and genuine care come through in all her communications. (Love her #behuman hashtag — so simple, so true, so powerful!).

Vanessa Van Edwards

A behavioural investigator and the powerhouse behind Science of People, her human behaviour research lab, Vanessa unlocks the hidden dynamics of people and applies those lessons to help others succeed in business – and life. Start following Vanessa and you’ll pick up some undeniable, science-based insights on everything from body language to the psychology of sales. Have you ever thought about how your hand gestures signify your intentions to people? You will after watching Vanessa’s popular TedX talk, “You are contagious.” Fascinating stuff!

Jennifer Kem

You might hear people calling Jen a brand futurist. With her ability to identify trends and “smell” where the money is, she certainly is that. But what you really need to know is that as a branding and marketing expert, Jen is still all about embracing and owning her values. She can help you refine your brand to “win customers’ hearts” and she’ll do so in a way that doesn’t stray from your core. She works with some big-name brands and emerging entrepreneurs to get their message and ideas out there.  Looking for a place to start? Read Jen’s blog on “The Hard Truth About Sales and Ego.” Hint: Learning to thrive in sales requires a shift in mindset. Another hint: You can do it! Her latest venture, a podcast called Femmefluence, is a treasure trove for ambitious women who want to lead a values-driven life. Check it out!

Dorie Clark

When The New York Times describes you as “an expert at self-reinvention and helping others make changes in their lives” you must be doing something right! Indeed, Dorie’s prolific career has been helping others take control of their professional lives and make an impact for more than 10 years. Dorie’s an adjunct professor at Duke University and, basically, ALL of her books belong on your bookshelf (including Entrepreneurial You and Reinventing You).  Dorie has a wealth of resources to check out on her site. But don’t miss this interview as well where Dorie shares insights into the advantages that introverts have when it comes to sales and networking. (Yes, you read that right — advantages!)

Kendrick Shope

“Sales without sacrificing one ounce of integrity” — yeeessss! Pleeaaase!! Kendrick gets how the notion of sales strikes fear in the heart of so many of us. As she says: “We ALL have a rotten sales story to tell.” But her signature process, Authentic Selling®, has generated millions of dollars in revenue for the clients she works with. And, like our other fabulous females on this list, she’s an inspiration when it comes to living your dream and being your true self. Where to start? Check out her TV and podcast episodes here to begin (which reach nearly 100,000 followers around the world, by the way!). Getting Kendrick’s take on how to locate more customers is a great place to begin (because we ALL need to do that!).

Amy Porterfield

Amy’s best-selling marketing courses have helped more than a few (try 250,000!) online entrepreneurs bring their business dreams to fruition. Amy’s an incredible teacher and while her reach is expansive, she genuinely cares about all of her interactions with students. (Seems to be a recurring theme with this list!) When it comes to how she teaches, Amy talks about going “action-by-action”, not just “step-by-step.” And that personal experience she shares is such a boon to all of us entrepreneurs who want to reach our goals in an authentic way. Amy’s “Marketing Made Easy” podcast is a must-add to your list for equal doses of practical strategies and awesome inspiration.

So, there you have it. Ten women who are rocking it when it comes to selling in an authentic (read: non-icky) way. I feel pretty confident that, regardless of what your level of comfort with sales is, you’ll find some super valuable insights as you start to wade through the amazing resources these ladies have. Take a look and let me know in the comments below what resonates with you. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

How to attract, engage and convert leads into paying clients in a way that honors your introverted energy

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